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The idea of this little corner of my site is simular to a scrapbook of ideas, techniques and links to resourses to help me wrangle web design into submission. This is like an artist's sketchbook, I will work on it each week in spare moments, when inspiration hits, I will store ideas and links on all the topics that I deam interesting. This page itself is an experiment with layers in Dreamweaver.

If you have suggestions for areas of web design for me to explore or links to great sites please let me know.


This section will showcase a new find on the web that I want to share. This site of the week maybe one that is beautiful, functional, innovative or is technically mind blowing.

The www is a museum who's exhibits are constantly changing and evolving. A museum that is not currated but is democratic in the truest of senses, no hanging chads to squabble about here.


For my first site of the week I would like to give props to alistapart.com. This site has been around since 98 but somehow I only just found my way here. I will be returning on a regular basis. Massive abouts of informationweb standards.