JonI grew up in England earning a BA honours degree in Fine Art from Falmouth School of Art. After many years making a living as a graphic designer and Illustrator I decided to focus on my fine art career. I have been exhibiting extensively in Los Angeles over the past 2 years and go back as far as 2006 When I first showed a series urban landscapes at The Harmony Gallery in Hollywood as framed digital prints. I also teach computer art at several schools around LA and Orange County.

In the past couple of years I have developed my own approach to making mixed media artwork that often combine multiple views of Los Angeles and other urban areas, slicing and dicing bits of the city’s rich fabric together. The images are digitally edited photographs, printed then made in to collages that are then further worked as paintings. Paint is used to stylize or emphasize aspects of the photographic materials, to add texture, layering and color. The layering is an important aspect to the work both in the computer and on the physical artworks.This process is a hybrid between painting, photography, digital art and collage and echoes the layering of history that takes place in cities.

Although most of my current works are urban landscapes, I am interested in exploring other aspects of our environment that show the structures, infrastructures and scars of human development. I am fascinated by the American West.The freeways, power plants, gas stations and fast food restaurants on the side of the road heading out to the desert or up the coast of California are at once so familiar and at the same time so alien. The systems and infrastructure that support our current unsustainable way of life; power lines, gasoline, cars are all rich in visual interest and powerful metaphors for our current way of life.