Fall 13

MM340 - Vector Graphics

DMAD 190 - Illustration with Adobe Illustrator


Detailed handouts and video tutorials

Coloring lineart

This is a 22 minute long video tutorial explaining how to color line art in Photoshop
Right click or control click on a Mac and download linked file in Quicktime movie format.

Animated type

This handout guides you through the process of creating animated types by exporting layers from Illustrator in SWF format. An easy exercise to introduce you to the idea of motion with vector graphics. For this tutorial you could do with having some experience using layers. However the directions are fairly detailed so if you are a beginner you could have a bash. Click here for the PDF download




Fish from Circles

This handout demonstrates the beauty of using basic shapes and the pathfinder palette in Illustrator to create a cute fish all using circles. Basic knowlege of the tools is all that is required for this. Click here for the PDF download




Making Waves

In this tutorial you learn how to create a realistic water effect by using texture maps and filters in Photoshop.

Click here for the PDF download




Web Demo

Learn to use the web tools to slice up artwork and save for web including creating a basic web banner animation in SWF format.

Click here for the PDF download




Symmetrical shapes

Using the Reflect Tool in Illustrator to save time a produce perfectly symmetrical objects such as a wine bottle or wine glass.

Click here for the PDF download




Gif animation

Uses Illustrator to construct layers then export to PSD format to create a gif of lights going around a letter O.

Click here for the PDF download




Wood Grain

A demonstration of using Photoshop filters to create a fake wood pattern. i use this exercise to demonstrate applying a texture to a surface using blening modes in my Advanced Computer Illustration course.

Click here for the PDF download




Tracing Exercise

A demonstration using the Pen Tool in Illustrator to trace an image. This exercise is good for practicing th Pen Tool and for using layers.

Click here for the PDF download


Aged Wall

This video tutorial demonstrates the Vanishing Point filter. It also covers using "blend if" in the Layer Styles dialog box in Photoshop.

Control Click Mac or Right Click PC to download Quicktime movie